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Employee Relations

The dreaded Employee Relations.  Its covers a plethora of challenges business owners face, including managing the employment relationship, disciplinary and grievance procedures, conflict and mediation, industrial action and unions.  Your first step is to ensure you have procedures and policies in place and staff understand […]

Employee Performance

Supporting employees is part of your culture, it’s done throughout the year and not dictated by antiquated performance management systems. BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION – email Contact.Navigatehr@gmail.com

Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture tool kits, handbooks, policies etc support and guide the culture you wish to see thrive in your business.  Review, revitalise or create, I will work with you to ensure its a document that you and your staff are proud of, understand and respect. […]

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Employment Agreements

No matter how big or small your business is, employment agreements are a must have, preferably correct, legally compliant and in plain english.

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Remote Support

Providing People & Culture support is very personal,  however this is not always practical.  Remote support allows you to carry on with business as usual without the stress of accommodating another body in the office.

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Small enterprises represent 90% of New Zealand’s business, Navigate HR is one of those small businesses, opening the door to HR expertise that is affordable and appropriate to the level and size of your business.  Buy blocks of hours or go for a bespoke service offering.

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New to mangement? new to owning and running your own business?  or smashing it and now need that external resource as an independent ear, shoulder to lean on? or that person who will question everything, challenge and drive business goals, strategies and values, the list goes on…

Face to face or remote coaching available.

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About Carlene


” I had a number of chats with Carlene to help my business move to the next level. Every chat I came out feeling super motivated with a to do list ready to go and work on. I highly recommend working with Carlene.”


Amber Cloney – The Active Lifestyle

“Carlene worked with French Country Collections for over 2 & half years and was an invaluable member of the team. Carlene worked to create and improve a lot of our HR systems and procedures for recruitment, on boarding, exit and everything in between.

She created a number of bespoke systems which allowed us to capture and monitor areas such as performance discussions, remuneration guidelines & reporting, Board reporting and Payroll. Carlene never failed to remain cool under pressure and was always looking to do what was best for the company.
I worked with Carlene closely throughout this period and was always taken by her professionalism, realism and ability to see things objectively. Her coaching style is open, honest and challenging and always confidential. She is strategic, realistic, approachable, works hard and is a lot of fun to work with.
I thoroughly recommend Carlene.”


Caroline Miller CEO - French Country Collections

I have worked with Carlene in various capasities over 5 years. She would be a breath of fresh air to any organisation. Her cool, calm demeanour and intelligence helps parties identify real issues, and alternate resolution paths, whilst removing the heat and emotion that might otherwise hinder positive outcomes.

Carlene was a core and invaluable member of our management team and made an instant impact. Her advice and counsel is priceless as she has represented “both sides of the table” during her career. She is strategic, practical, relational and has a high work ethic. She is also a lot of fun to work with.
Carlene understands HR, and is at the top of her game. I thoroughly recommend Carlene.

Mike Hoare – GM General Manager - Diversey New Zealand Limited

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